Tuesday, July 04, 2017

We can keep religion but end the Great Spiritual Blockade

How can it be possible that the highest religious traditions are suicidal?! This is the goal of the deepest ascetic discipline, an end to all willing, an end to all material desire in the pursuit of the plateau of the sublime, where the attachment to life falls away! The originating Vedas, Buddha, Christ, the philosopher Schopenhauer and many others advocated just that as the goal of at least serious religious life.

That Great Spiritual Blockade is not seen in theological materialism, which retains religion and Godhood but removes the suicidal goals which in any case do not lead to real Godhood but lead only to the blissful feeling of no pain or suffering when all willing and all desires cease, like a death in life, which is a phrase actually used by some gurus!

We reach Godhood by affirming material life and desires, Godhood is not reached by committing suicide. Godhood is reached by refining and reforming the drives of life with continuing knowledge of material and supermaterial evolution toward real Godhood. We can keep religion but end the Great Spiritual Blockade, which should make real conservatives happy.

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