Sunday, July 16, 2017

A moral imperative for theological materialism

Godhood is the "moral imperative," but Godhood is evolved to in the material and supermaterial world, so Godhood is not a spiritual imperative.

This moral imperative exists in the very essence of life, perhaps in every cell of the body as a primordial activation, which can be named the will or spirit-will as long as it is understood as an entirely material activation.

At this stage in our evolution we do not know what the end-goal of Godhood will be like, but we can rationally and instinctively project that it will be the highest truth, beauty, goodness, and power, and also the highest success in survival and reproduction. Power is not always included in this trinity due perhaps to religious bias and the great spiritual blockade against the material world and all it desires.

The spirit-will knows its determined end-goal but the evolutionary path is not fixed. Morals, ethnics, values, rationality, and culture form out of this moral imperative---which we have not always been aware of.

Conservative tradition need not be rejected, but the inward path to the god-within needs to include the outward path of material evolution to real Godhood. Conservative politics, democratic republics, and federalism can adapt to an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, more in harmony with real kin-centered and ethnocentric human nature, as we all evolve toward Godhood.

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