Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Real human nature always rises against willful misinterpretations

Back in the 1970's the great sociobiologist Edward O. Wilson clarified Darwin's insight that human nature is in fact biologically and genetically kin-centered and ethnocentric, but that this did not mean that some races are superior and others inferior. Wilson was ignored, although he shook things up a bit for a time---water was poured over his head at a public meeting, etc.

One of the most successful propaganda campaigns ever was the campaign by the Big Media and the academic world to define "racism" as one race thinking itself superior to other races and discriminating accordingly. Even conservatives bought into this definition.

This willful misinterpretation was mainly the attempt by some races or ethnic groups to attain power by proposing a false definition of human nature. This attack on racism was actually a nefarious example of racism at work.

The Big Media and the academic world and those who used it to gain power were just too strong for Wilson to overcome, and so the lie prevailed that human nature is not ethnocentric and that we are all the same and only different due to social conditioning. It was really a brilliant deception.

But as Soviet communism fell, which also perpetuated (at gun point) this same lie of people being all the same and made different only by social conditioning, the Soviet Union broke apart into, guess what? Natural ethnostates.

This ethnocentric/populist/nationalist breakup of empires has been increasingly happening across the world---as well it might, since it reflects real human nature. But the Big Media and the academic world and those who use it to gain power remain strong. So the lie that human nature is not ethnocentric and that we are all the same continues, although it is weakening.

Even so, an ethnopluralism of ethnostates carved out of big, overgrown, artificial, sovereign borders is coming. Real human nature always rises, even if it has been on a leash for awhile.

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