Thursday, July 13, 2017

How religion and science together can develop the highest culture in human history

Religious intellectuals say that God is the ultimate object of the human intellect, but they go on to make the ideas of the intellect the ultimate object. Then concepts and definitions become Gods.

Our colleges and universities do the same thing but they choose to worship the ideas and definitions of Marxist/Machiavellian/Relativity rather than living people.

There is of course a place for ideas and definitions, but real living objects are more important.

Godhood is a living object, or objects, which we evolve to in the material and supermaterial world, and Godhood is not merely a definition or idea.  Godhood is not even the inward bliss of ascetics who have managed to block all material desires.

Religion has virtually blocked science and science has blocked religion. Religion needs to return to the real material world and include the sacred evolution of material life to supermaterial Godhood. And science needs to affirm a sacred goal to material evolution, which it can aid.

Then religion and science together can get on with developing the highest culture in human history.

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