Saturday, July 15, 2017

Back to the real living object

Many of the sociopolitical "isms" are cold and even mathematical conceptions that turn out to be far removed from real living people and real human nature.

This has applied to such central isms as fascism, Marxism, capitalism, libertarianism, and feminism, which are often dominated by cold conceptions (ideologies) often removed from reality or from real human nature.

For example, such concepts as "efficiency" and "freedom" are removed from the reality of the natural creations of human nature. Efficiency becomes engorged with bureaucracy, and freedom becomes a license to do anything, falsely free of the determined aspects of human nature.

Even conservatives say they reject cold inhuman ideologies but then create an ideology out of conservatism, most of it based in non-material definitions of God and religion.

I use the phrase "back to the real living object" relating to these disconnections to the real material world, and I don't become trapped in philosophical games defining object and subject.

I don't reject religion or conservatism but affirm a Godhood reached through material and supermaterial evolution. And I promote a political ethos based in real human nature which is basically kin-centered and ethnocentric.

Cold conceptions and definitions unrelated to human nature or human behavior are relegated to a secondary position where they belong. We need math and we need technology, but not as religion or political philosophy.

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