Wednesday, July 26, 2017

If I couldn't avoid giving a short answer to the big question of why empires fall

I would probably name four reasons, which are not original, and not necessarily in this order: leadership degenerates and becomes decadent, ethics and virtues, pagan or Christian, no-longer promote physical or intellectual courage, the ethnic homogeneity and order of the founders of the culture are lost, borders and immigration become porous and alien forces and unassimilated ethnic groups take advantage of the decadence of the leadership to push their own agendas that do not benefit the founding nation, which then slowly or quickly falls.

This has now happened in America, and it probably happened in Ancient Rome and elsewhere...The way back from decline or fall seems to be to reverse engineer these causes of the fall, and bring back the character, tone, and guiding beliefs of the founding ethos, reformed a bit for the time, the place, and the people involved... In the future we need to avoid creating empires.

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