Friday, July 21, 2017

The Roots of Deep Conservatism

(An ongoing comparison to Russell Kirk's "The Roots of the American Order")

There is Godhood which life evolves to in the material and supermaterial world, as described in theological materialism.
This evolutionary Godhood is the source and end-goal of morality and values for humans and nations as best we can discern it.
Life can create long-term order inwardly and outwardly by affirming this evolutionary worldview.

We are designed by human nature to live in communities of kin and ethnic groups which can then bring the deepest order from a homogeneity of genes and culture.
Order involves different classes and hierarchies, which naturally develop, living within the same ethnostates, where each class is treated with the same justice.
Good political models have been monarchy, republic, or aristocracy, which help to create healthy long-lasting order in society.
The traditions of the people are followed as having developed naturally over time from who the people are genetically and culturally, even as those traditions are refined and reformed as we evolve.
When the ethnicity and traditions of a people are corrupted, neglected, or rejected, the people and the order decay, as history has shown time and again.

All people are subject to the law, powerful and unpowerful alike.
Laws develop from the laws of nature and from human nature, which includes the biological origin of much of our social behavior.

The American Constitution was a written way to preserve unwritten law that was inherited from Britain.
The Tenth Amendment protects states and regions---which eventually will become ethnostates---from each other and from corrupting influence by Big Government.

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