Friday, July 07, 2017

Heaven is an evolutionary meritocracy

Contrary to the concerns of many conservatives (see "Hell Is A Meritocracy," page 13, Chronicles July 2017), meritocracies do not require big culturally Marxist or fascist states any more than the private ownership of the means of production (capitalism) does.

It took awhile for IQ tests to be accepted and it will take awhile for the science of genetics to be accepted. Who wants radical change? Conservatism changes more slowly. And the change can certainly be voluntary.

The people will choose to have children without genetic diseases, and later will more positively choose to have, say, more intelligent children. That is humane. There need be no Orwellian widening of the gap between classes, genetic science will become cheaper for everyone.

Intelligence can and does rise in any class. New varieties of intelligence and creativity are welcome in ongoing evolution. The intelligent top want the bottom to improve. But this does not call for a Marxist or fascist state when an ethnopluralism of ethnostates will do nicely---an ethnopluralism of ethnostates can be conservatively adapted by the constitutional separation of powers and states in the U. S. We all rise together protecting variety over long-term evolution.

The technocratic meritocracy we have today recognizes IQ from sterile tests and then feeds the chosen into culturally Marxist universities which do not believe in the biological or genetic origin of much of our social behavior. That is an oxymoron meritocracy to say the least and it should not represent meritocracies.

As to religion, which is perhaps the bottom line of conservative objections to meritocracies: when real Godhood is understood as evolved to in the material and supermaterial world (see theological materialism) then religion and conservatism can be on the side of meritocracies. Heaven is an evolutionary meritocracy.

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