Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Stop this train

"Stop this train
I want to get off and go home again..." John Mayer

Mayer's song about himself, of course, and show biz ends by saying"...I'll never stop this train." The song could relate to the massive federal government which some of us want to see go home again to the states. That move is actually legally backed by the constitutional separation of powers and states. If we cannot go home again we may soon get operators who want to run the train as dictatorial Marxists or fascists.

But we will probably go the way of the Roman Empire which could not find its way back to a Republic and eventually, after much pain, broke apart into ethnostates. First we will probably fall apart in ethnic conflicts---wouldn't it be good if we could do this rationally and not by civil war? But an ethnopluralism of ethnostates is actually good because it will be a natural return to real kin-centered and ethnocentric human nature.

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