Saturday, July 01, 2017

Moving toward theological materialism

I disagree with Schopenhauer that artistic, ascetic, or philosophical genius work at their best when they are "will-less" or independent of the will, and that this is where true objectivity comes from.

This also Buddha and Christ and their countless followers believed. In another related way, legions of scientific thinkers reject any idea of a will and see only random selection taking place with no sacred end-goal.

Both religion and science deny any sacred material activation within life: science sees only random outside selection pressures, and religion sees only a non-material spiritual end-goal.

At least religion was right about the sacred goal, but was mistaken in defining the goal as non-material and spiritual, or as the result of blocking the will.

On the contrary, the will or the Spirit-Will (although completely material) exists as an activation within perhaps every cell of the body to evolve to the highest success in survival and reproduction, which ultimately can lead to Godhood.

The inward activation of the will works with whatever outside environment of natural selection it finds itself living within. And now humans are even moving beyond an almost ageless unconscious natural selection toward conscious genetic engineering, although they have no religious end-goal.

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