Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Toward a republic we can keep

As Ben Franklin was leaving the Constitutional Convention he was asked what sort of a government the delegates had created and he famously said, "it's a republic, if you can keep it." Well, we couldn't keep it. The great pyramid of unelected people (GPUPS?) with the Big Media at its apex have destroyed America.

Many of us---conservatives, populists/nationalists, and even the Alt-right---thought President Trump might be able to stop or at least slow the sinking of America, but that hope is gone, due not only to the nefarious GPUPS but to Trump's fast and loose values and morals honed over a life-time in thoroughly decadent New York City.

So what's next? I suppose the far right and far left will eventually reject democratic means, and will quote the classical philosophers who predicted this consequence of democracy. The military will more likely eventually step in, also rejecting democratic means to create order.

And "order" is the important element here, because the disorder that sunk America was bought about mainly because we ignorantly allowed to form here a motley population of competing ethnic groups with competing cultures who manipulated democracy for their own ends, which tore apart the democratic republic.

Why? Because in seeking success in survival and reproduction, human nature remains deeply kin-centered and ethnocentric, and our cultures work relatively smoothly only as long as the culture remains homogeneous. We have seen the changing of American culture in the decline, decadence, and overcoming of the WASPS who founded it.

The cause of the disorder can reveal the solution, but the means will be debated. I, for one, affirm legally and gradually adapting the American constitutional separation of powers and states toward an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, in accord with real human nature. That will be a republic we can keep.

Any change more radical than that away from American traditions has less chance of long-term success...But first, "A hard rain is gonna fall."

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