Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The arrogance, presumption, and chutzpah of the Chimeras of modern liberalism are an ugly thing to behold

The civil war in America which the Evil Media is now openly promoting against the healthy protective measures of President Trump is the latest attempt to force the monstrous Chimeras of modern liberalism on our people.

The Chimera in Greek myth was a fire-breathing monster with a lion's head, a goat's body, and a serpent's tail. In biology, as the dictionary says, this would be an organism containing a mixture of genetically different tissues, formed by processes such as fusion of early embryos, grafting, or mutation.

Is there anything worse to behold than the modern Chimera we have been increasingly witnessing of a white pop entertainer from the northern suburbs trying to imitate a black inner city southern accent while awkwardly displaying gang signs? Almost as bad a thing to behold is a black from the inner city trying to imitate a white suburban English professor by exaggerating every round word pronounced. This is what we have done to our people in the vain attempt to melt everyone together into a melting pot which does not melt.

The arrogance, presumption and chutzpah of these Chimeras of modern liberalism or cultural Marxism are an ugly thing to behold, which are being forced on a brainwashed people who tend to be self-effacing and altruistic, even to the extreme degree of the Swedish people inviting massive numbers of foreign refugees into their county who are now preceding to destroy Sweden.

The most humane, sane, and practical thing to do is to allow the natural development of an ethnopluralism of ethnostates where people can be who they are. States and regions could be established legally in the United States due to our constitutional separation of powers and states, but it may require a few constitutional amendments. Distinctly different people simply do not assimilate or melt other than on the fringes where monstrous Chimeras appear.

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