Wednesday, February 01, 2017

How theological materialism and deep-conservatism relate to the fateful outcome of the Trump movement

"Financial capitalism" has not been economic nationalism or real conservatism, it has been imperial capitalism, undeclared wars, unrestricted immigration, transgender-rights, etc. etc..

Even though we might assume President Trump would be a financial capitalist based on his past history, he has been promoting economic nationalism, which was the base of historical American success in the first place.

The Evil Media, financial capitalists, and the Left would have preferred the standard neoconservative---if they must move to the right---and so they have, together, promoted another civil war in America against Trump and his proposed programs.

The future of America, the West, and deep-conservatism depend on the outcome of this battle.

Deep-conservatism understands that economic nationalism and "conservatism" go back as far as to ground philosophy in culture before politics, which goes against the ground of the Left with its absolute concern with equality politically ruling everything, but deep-conservatism sees an even deeper form of conservatism.

Beneath politics and culture is the biological origin of much of social behavior, and that includes such things as natural human group-selection, which then leads to natural forms of ethnocentrism, and these in turn lead to conservatism.

But deep-conservatism goes even deeper than the biological origin of ethnocentrism. Deep-conservatism moves even beneath the science of evolution and grounds itself in the teleological goal of material life evolving to supermaterial Godhood.

The principal that rules all other principles in theological materialism is the evolution of material life toward supermaterial Godhood. 

This is how deep-conservatism, which conservatively retains the past while transforming it, relates to the fateful outcome of the present-day Trump movement.

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