Monday, January 30, 2017

Signs of the bi-polar world forming

Based on the seven countries banned from sending refugees to the U.S., at least temporarily, which includes Shiite Iran and Syria, and does not include Saudi Arabia or Egypt, it looks like we may have the bi-polar world I recently speculated about, with Russia, Iran, (Syria), China etc. on the Eastern block, and the U.S., Israel, and Sunni Arab states etc. on the Western block. If Putin is not already awakened to this bi-polar world he will be now.

Is not this the world that Kissinger tried to prevent by trying to destabilize any Eastern block? It may be too late for the better plan presented by Srdja Trifkovic in "Chronicles," January 2017... "Now is the time to effect a pan-European entente that embraces the whole of the Northern Hemisphere, from the British Isles to Vladivostok to the Americas.  Trump has an historic opportunity to pave the way for a genuine Northern Alliance of Russia, Europe, and the United States, as all three are facing similar existential demographic and ideological (primarily jihadist) threats in the decades ahead.  In an uncertain and ever more brutal world, the Northerners must find a way of banding together, lest they be defeated separately"...

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