Monday, January 23, 2017

Ask what is a thing for

James Wilson described the Thomistic precept which is contrary to postmodernism, that life finds the shape or the form suitable to it. What is good seeks to become actual, seeks to become the limit of its life form. That is very good thinking, but I would say the limiting feature to life is the natural world of evolution. And the goal of evolution is not a non-material God, which would be saying that the goal of life is non-life. Real Godhood is attained through material evolution to supermaterial Godhood. The highest good is not non-life but super-life. And there is no limit to material evolution.

Post-modernism sees no goal, no telos in life other than an amoral power drive without a goal. Post-modernism sees no fixed truths, and sees nothing but endless freedom without any moral or material limits. We are condemned to freedom one arrogant philosopher said. Theological materialism sees things otherwise.

I believe we have to ask what is a thing to know what can be known about a thing. Life is for natural evolution toward Godhood and is limited by the natural world we are born into. The central purpose of life is to evolve toward the highest success in being represented in the world of survival and reproduction, which could be called eternal representation, or Godhood. Whether life attains Godhood or not, this is the central definition of the force of life itself. This sacred purpose within life must work along with the exigencies and ups and downs of natural evolution...And there is no end or beginning to this evolutionary purpose, as difficult as this is for us to accept.

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