Friday, January 27, 2017

All reality is material or supermaterial including Godhood

All the organs of the body developed not only to propagate life but to evolve toward the zenith of material evolution, which is Godhood, as described in theological materialism.

The trouble started when the oldest pagans thought the dream world was real but not material, which led to the downgrading of materialism, and eventually led to the blocking of material drives by religious mystics seeking to experience a non-material God.

The "spirit," "soul," consciousness, and mind are all material. Godhood is defined as the zenith of spirit, soul, consciousness, mind, and the zenith of material evolution.

The subject is as material as the object, the subject is only the knowing part of the object, and both are material. But the object ranks higher than the subject which defines it, not the other way around, although they are always together and connected.

If there is an "essence" it is the activation within life of the material Spirit-Will or Will-Spirit, which must deal with the material world it finds itself living within, as it seeks to activate material life, and itself within life, to evolve toward Godhood.

There really are no dualities, but there are levels of material evolution culminating in Godhood. This should be good news for joining science and religion.

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