Thursday, January 26, 2017

Is the thing lost without the principle of the thing?

People and things exist whether they are defined or not

Even good thinkers have assumed that the thing is lost without the principle of the thing, almost as a given. But the principle is only the definition of the thing, the thing exists whether the principle is defined or not.

Godhood works that way too, and virtually everyone defines God as a spiritual principle, definition, or experience, and not as a material or supermaterial Thing or Things.

I believe a conservatism or tradition that accepts Godhood---which has been dying at least since the Enlightenment---can prevail only if Godhood is transformed from a non-material principle to an actual material or supermaterial thing-in-itself, or highly evolved object or objects.

The Twofold Path in theological materialism retains the old non-material principle or experience of God or the Father in the Inward Path, while affirming and transforming the Inward Path in the Outward Path of material evolution toward the supermaterial object, or objects, of real Godhood.

Conservative founders of both religions and secular governments knew that laws and principles need to be simple, few and constant, and need to be retained while being transformed in the long march through human institutions.

Life, religion, culture need not fade away on earth, as they have been doing. And we can eventually move out into the cosmos as we evolve toward Godhood. A new sacred Mass can be written affirming the Twofold Path.

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