Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Nature is in a constant state of flux: why?

There is always rising and falling, devolution and evolution: why? This flux goes on not only on earth but across the cosmos: why?

Religion and philosophy have at bottom been objectless, full of empty spiritualism or empty definitions of nothing, since their religious God, their philosophical Being, is not material and is not of this world. Well then, of which world? 

God need not be lost. Godhood needs to be rescued from those who define God as objectless and non-material. All is grounded in real objects, even dreams and fantasies. It is a material force which seeks supermaterial Godhood by way of supremely successful survival and reproduction.

Why this hatred of the material? Why this deprivation of humanity and existence? It must be connected to the will to power of those who seek to block materialism with spiritualism, which is a very material thing to do.

Life follows purpose first before cause and effect. "A force must know its destination before it begins its movement." (Ted Chaing). Religion but also science needs to define the biology and physics of this force.

It is a fight to the death for real life but it is not merely defined as a war of all against all, it is really the evolution of all life toward Godhood. For example, a way can be found to reconcile irreconcilable differences between naturally competing human groups, such as an ethnopluralism of ethnostates protected by a light federalism.

We are driven by internal necessity but it is not the necessity to block material life so as to see God. Life is driven by the internal necessity of material life evolving toward supermaterial life, defined in theological materialism as real Godhood.

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