Monday, January 02, 2017

Contradictions and misunderstandings in Christianity can be resolved in theological materialism

Whether Christianity was influenced by Vedic monks by way of the Essenes who Jesus studied under with John the Baptist---which I think is possible---or whether Christianity was a similar but separate development, the asceticism of Jesus was much like Buddha's in rejecting material desires and rejecting the material world for the purpose of experiencing the God or Father Within. This was gradually contradicted and misunderstood in Christianity following the martyrdom of Jesus, often by brilliant philosophers who tried to support traditional material life in the face of their non-material founders.

Now if we jump forward to our time we have seen the abortion of 57 million babies since Roe vs Wade, which has put the birthrate below the replacement level. Contradictions and misunderstandings can be seen in the materialists taking the position of valuing only the evolution of material life yet supporting abortions, and non-material-spiritualists ascetically rejecting material life yet rejecting the abortion of life. When Jesus talked about giving Caesar his financial due it came from a position of defaming and not caring about material life and not from an affirmation of material life.

These root contradictions and misunderstandings which developed in Christianity can be resolved in theological materialism, where Godhood is understood as evolved to only in the material world. The old ascetic Inward Path to the God or Father Within can be retained but transformed in the Outward Path of material evolution to real supermaterial Godhood.

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