Wednesday, January 18, 2017

How theological materialism discontinues the traditional theological downgrading of life in general and women in particular

There is almost a hatred of women throughout traditional asceticism in seeking the inward God or Father Within by way of blocking material desires, especially the reproductive drives. Mother nature is lost touch with and materialism is attacked because sexuality needs to be controlled or blocked in order to have the upper peak experience of the God Within. Religious values grew primarily out of this ascetic valuation.

Theological materialism brings back respect for materialism, for women, and for reproduction, since we evolve to real Godhood by way of ongoing material reproduction. Modern genetic engineering needs to be considered part of this religious development of evolution. Materialism is something to affirm, upward evolution is considered a high virtue and a sacred value because it is the basic means of attaining real Godhood. The ascetic experience of the inward God can be retained but is seen as a symbolic experience of what Godhood may be like when we evolve to real Godhood in the material world.

The answer to the hatred of the material world is not to radically declare, as Nietzsche did, that God is dead. Materialism is apotheosized in theological materialism by the sacred evolution of life to supermaterial Godhood. Emotions return, life returns, and religious philosophy goes back to nature itself as it should do---and modern science can be included.

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