Sunday, January 22, 2017

On the women marchers against President Trump in the decadent liberal cities

The women marchers may not need Aretha Franklin to tell them how to spell R.E.S P. E.C.T., but if they don't want to be called over-emotional brainwashed fools they do need knowledge of sociobiology---the biological origin of much of our social behavior.

Knowledge of real human nature has been successfully blocked by the culturally Marxist academic world and by the decadent Big Media since at least the 1960's, so not only are these marchers ignorant of sociobiology and real human nature, their ponytail-wearing fathers were too. Many of these women even brought their daughters to the march brainwashing another generation of women.

If a woman can remain a culturally Marxist feminist after absorbing such works as "Human Nature," or "The Social Conquest of Earth," by Edward Wilson, or if that is too difficult then some shorter explanation of sociobiology as in Wikipedia, then she really is a brainwashed fool. 

Trump is far from perfect but many of his political ideas reflect and affirm real human nature and real human beings.

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