Tuesday, January 24, 2017

To perceive/know reality

In defining reality this would mean capturing, at the same time, emotion/intuition/art/religion along with reason/empiricalism/science. The idea is that these things alone do not capture reality as well as they do as combined or synthesized perceptions.

I am not here talking about looking through one person's unique eyes, I am looking for a "reality" that combines inward and outward human life in general, a reality that could find a general balance and resolve tensions between perceptions in the inward and outward lives we lead. The hope would be that the wiser and healthier we are the better we are at seeing and balancing perceptions of actual reality.

In combining the inward and outward perceptions we are applying the essential inward activating drives of life (after first recognizing them) combined with the natural outside environment and evolution, as described in theological materialism. This can lead to another kind of psychology, or evolutionary therapy, as well as another kind of religion/science.

As I have written here before, I am not merely looking for the opposite of the ego, the contrary elements of our psyche, because a Jungian androgynous balance is not the goal. The great goal of the activating material/biological Spirit-Will, which I have also called the Super-Id, is the goal that lies beyond us, beyond even human consciousness, at the zenith of material evolution to Godhood. Whatever parts of our psyche that would seem opposed to the natural direction of the Spirit-Will-to-Godhood need to be understood, synthesized, and balanced with natural outside evolution.

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