Sunday, January 08, 2017

Will Trump and his advisers follow Trifkovic's realist entente embracing the whole of the Northern Hemisphere?

Srdja Trifkovic on "Dismantling the Empire," from "Chronicles," January 2017

..."In practice, the first task is to improve relations with Russia—which is essential—and to establish a workable modus vivendi with China, which is highly desirable.  Outreach to Russia is vital to the definitive settlement of the European civil war that erupted in 1914, continued in 1939, and resulted in the frozen conflict called the Cold War.  Now is the time to effect a pan-European entente that embraces the whole of the Northern Hemisphere, from the British Isles to Vladivostok to the Americas.  Trump has an historic opportunity to pave the way for a genuine Northern Alliance of Russia, Europe, and the United States, as all three are facing similar existential demographic and ideological (primarily jihadist) threats in the decades ahead.  In an uncertain and ever more brutal world, the Northerners must find a way of banding together, lest they be defeated separately...

...It is to be hoped that Trump will strike a bargain with Russia on Syria.  There must be no more support for radical Islamic terrorists, whatever their “moderate” disguise.  This will necessitate some frank discussions with our “allies” in Riyadh and Doha, in which they are told in no uncertain terms that we know their game, and that they must cut off support to jihadists.  America may not overtly cooperate with Damascus and Baghdad (and implicitly Tehran) to destroy IS/Daesh, Nusra, Ahrar al-Sham, and the rest of the jihadi monsters, but Trump’s national-security team should let the Arab boots on the ground complete the work that is currently under way in Aleppo.  In the months ahead the United States should play mainly a supportive role: no ground forces, limited air power, and “engagement” only with the prior agreement of Syria’s and Iraq’s sovereign, legitimate governments.

...As for NATO—strategically useless and tainted with criminality, as it has been ever since Bill Clinton’s aggression against Yugoslavia in 1999, for the benefit of the KLA—Trump should start with the demand to end the “free-loadism” of its European members.  He should disengage from the Baltic and Black seas, drop Russia sanctions, and deal on a neutral basis with Ukraine.  Further east, he should ride herd on the Iran nuke deal with Moscow and Beijing, but not reject it.  He should keep the Saudis at arm’s length, treating them as the leading state sponsor of terrorism that they are...

...Trump needs to avoid the GOP/neocon apparat like the plague and appoint realists to his administration to make America great again.  It is not too tall an order. "

My Comment:

This seems to be a most practical realist path to "Dismantling the Empire." But what if Trump supports Israel and Putin supports Iran? As mentioned here earlier, we could then end up with another bi-polar world, with the U.S., Israel, the Sunni states, and a few Europeans on the Western pole, and Russia, Iran, China and a few European states on the Eastern pole. Will Putin abandon Shi'ite Islam or Trump abandon Israel?

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