Saturday, January 28, 2017

The difference between the Alt-right and the General-right

The General-right---think of Fox News---spends a lot of time denying and attacking racism, whereas the Alt-right often acknowledges that real human nature tends to be racist.

The problem with these positions is that the General-right denies the ethnocentric nature of real human nature, and the Alt-right tends to be supremacist about their own ethnic group while denying or denigrating all other ethnic groups.

The way out of this is to affirm an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, where some sort of federalism can protect independent ethnostates and assure the freedom of our natural ethnocentric and group-selecting human nature. This balanced structure could even be accommodated by the separation of powers and states in the U.S. Constitution, with perhaps a few amendments.

As to the left, the General-left or the Alt-left, they live in a fictional la la land where people are considered all the same and equal throughout the world---although minorities are preferred---and they think the world would be peaceful and always happy if not for the evil right putting up borders and boundaries.

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