Saturday, January 14, 2017

A Vital Idea: Purpose Before Cause and Effect

George McCartney writes about Pierre De Fermat (Chronicles, Jan 2017), a 17th century mathematician who speculated that life follows purpose first before cause and effect. This is a vital insight which is expanded in theological materialism.

The central purpose of life is to evolve toward the highest success in being represented in the world of survival and reproduction, which could be called eternal representation, or Godhood. Whether life attains Godhood or not, this is the central definition of the force of life itself.

This sacred purpose within life must work along with the exigencies and ups and downs of natural evolution. And there is no end or beginning to this purpose, as difficult as this is for us to accept.

Ted Chaing writes: " A force must know its destination before it begins its movement." Science must define the biology and physics of this force, which I have called the Will-Spirit or Spirit-Will-to-Godhood. Then science could actually join religion.

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