Saturday, January 21, 2017

Now we will have father-government rather than mother-government

The mommy democrat/liberals who want to nurture everyone to death have been bested by daddy republican/populists who want people to nurture themselves. Both president Clinton and Obama were raised in mommy-led households without a father and they absorbed the psychology of nurturing at their mother's knee----and perhaps also a little bias against manly things in general.

We will see how many of the manly goals of president Trump can be attained. I wish President Trump could do something Big about curbing the power and influence of the Big Media, while still respecting freedom of the press. Propaganda-sickened Americans need a little protection from the man-hating she-tiger---mommy is not too happy about daddy taking back the TV remote.

But seriously, we don't want this battling of the sexes, we need mommy and daddy working together offering their distinctively different, biologically-based, ways to live in the world. 

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