Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Can Populism fix our problems?

The rise of the people has been against the superich oligarchies who possess dictatorial powers, who buy and pay for Congress, who create a surveillance state, who fight foreign wars to expand their power (but lose), and who do all this by greatly damaging the people.

For example, H.A.Trask says (Chronicles, June 2016) that in both Mexico and the United States there is no separation between organized crime and organized government, at least in fighting the drug cartels, which Washington actually empowers by keeping our borders wide open. We could simply install half a million infantry permanently on the borders and we would have no more border problems. This is actually the constitutional duty of our government.

I think the oligarchy which is ruling and destroying America (and Europe) is smart and powerful but only in the short-term, in the long-term they are stupid. They will not be able to control the wild demographic bomb they are creating, and so their power will be lost.

It may be too late for present politics to save America and the West from eventually splitting into ethnic regions and states, as human nature always prefers to do. Conservatives and traditionalists can at least hang on to the constitutional separation of powers and states, as natural ethnopluralism overtakes us. This way we might be able to avoid another highly destructive revolution. Populism could perhaps fix our main problems if it goes in that conservative direction.

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