Monday, June 13, 2016

The reality behind the Orlando massacre, and the long-term solution

The popular Big Media has today reacted to the awful massacre of gays by an Islamic terrorist in an Orlando nightclub with a non-stop hymn to homosexuality. But the intellectuals of the cabal seem most worried about a backlash against Islam. That is a deadly deception. The cabal who control the Big Media and the academic world are really worried about a backlash against the cabal. Europe is now being conquered by legal and illegal Islamic migration, and the same thing threatens the U.S., but the cabal is worried only about the cabal! It is a deadly game they are playing.

Prior to World War Two a deadly street war was fought in Germany between fascists Nazis and fascist Marxists, and the Nazis won that street war. In reaction to their loss a cabal of Marxists eventually developed Cultural Marxism which helped win the big war. New generations have continued to successfully apply the soft fascist deceptions of cultural Marxism with great success by control of the Big Media and the academic world.

So what is to be done to overcome the soft form of fascism which now rules us under the deception of cultural Marxism? Not another imperial racism preaching the superiority of one noble or chosen race over all others, not neoconservatism, not neoliberalism, not libertarianism, not globalism. The successful moral high ground is to be found in ethnopluralism, where all distinctive ethnic groups are given there own regions or states, and are protected by federalism, which could even be legally affirmed in the U.S. under the constitutional separation of powers and states. There is no better long-term solution to the deadly competition between competing humans.

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