Saturday, June 18, 2016

How we can tame animal man and civilize the beast?

Nietzsche implied that we should not tame animal man, or we should accept that only power tames man. Traditional religion said we need to tame the animal so that we may look inward to God or the Father, which then means (at least for ascetics) that we will not really care about material life because God is non-material in any case. Capitalism said we should tame the animal in a direction related to becoming rich materially. Communism said we should tame the animal so that we may all become equal. Science said we should tame the animal so that we may all become rational and empirical. Philosophy came up with its own schemes for taming the animal, combining rationalism, irrationalism, science, religion, freedom, determinism, with much blinding intellectual complication.

We can't really know where we are going unless we first know who we are, or unless we know what human nature is. If we go back to the old Greek idea that education means bringing ones own nature out, then sociobiology should be the foundation study regarding how we may or may not tame animal man and civilize the beast. But I believe sociobiological study also has to include the deepest activating dynamic within human life, defined here as the primal activation of the material Inward Dynamis, or the activation of the material Spirit-Will-To-Godhood, which works in conjunction with natural outside evolution. This brings religion into science.

Human nature has freedom but it is a freedom within the strictures of biology and the environment. We do not have a non-material freedom outside of material life based on non-materialism. Materialism still leads toward Godhood in evolution so we need not reject the God of traditional religion, we need only transform it into reality. This is how we define taming or civilizing the beast in relation to real human nature as defined by both sociobiology and theological materialism. As we civilize the beast we tame or shape only what actually can be tamed and shaped in accord with nature, which still leads life toward Godhood by way of material and supermaterial evolution.

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