Monday, June 06, 2016

Trump Shocks the Corrupt Media With Reality

Everyone is outraged because Donald Trump implied that ethnic heritage can bias ones judgment. But real facts and figures can be found that show how Blacks, Jews, Mexicans, and yes, Whites, make political and legal decisions that are influenced, consciously or unconsciously, by their ethnicity.

The reality is that ethnocentrism, like kin-preferences, is a basic part of human nature, genetically and culturally programmed in human nature since the time humans became humans, because it was the most successful in survival and reproduction. It also happens to be at the origin of the altruism of all religions. The Big Media and the academic world have corrupted the population into denying the reality of human nature. Modern liberalism, cultural Marxism and neoconservatism are based directly in that denial.

The sane and completely reasonable world of ethnopluralism, with regions, states, and powers set aside for distinctly different ethnic groups and cultures is the only way we will ever all get along together in this crowded and multi-ethnic world, given human nature. Even Trump has not talked about that truth. But if we wait too long to establish (or reestablish) ethnopluralism---which all empires fall back into anyway---there will be no white folks left to inhabit it, given the demographic trends.

So will Trump now fall in the polls and lose because he implies the truth about human nature? What a world.

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