Thursday, June 23, 2016

Downside Up

What if the charge of “racism” was answered with: “Everyone is racist, it's a part of basic human nature.” This admission might sound horrible at first, but it actually could prevent future civil war.

Human nature is primarily kin and group or ethnic-selecting and human nature has not changed with any false political program, although it has been driven underground.

Hard realism says that when ethnic groups are distinctly different enough they will not really assimilate and will compete and war with one another. Even Northern European cousins have a difficult time assimilating, think of the Anglo Saxons and the Irish.

The ethnic groups which now make the most noise about fighting racism are beneath the surface pushing their own ethnic groups. This inevitably leads to civil war, which is really ethnic war.

Beneath the class structure which Karl Marx blames for all problems are ethnic groups pushing their own agendas.

How can we fight against basic human nature? Why would we want to? Ascetics try to fight against basic human nature by seeking to block all material desires. Political rabble-rousers also try by seeking to divert real human nature into secondary issues.

Following this hard realism we arrive at Ethnopluralism as the realistic and common sense approach to social problems.

Putting the downside up would give distinctly different ethnic groups their own regions and states, and then protect them with some form of federalism. This would not be perfect but it is probably the best we can do given real human nature.

Releasing the neurotic and sometimes nefarious blocks on human nature won't lead to beasts or monsters, it could lead to a great renaissance and real positive evolution.

In the United States the constitutional separation of powers and states already exists, even if it is not followed, so this need not even be that revolutionary.

It is easy to predict civil war if ethnopluralism is not eventually initiated in the West, but also elsewhere in the world.

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