Saturday, June 25, 2016

When will modern culture improve?

I am never inspired by either high or low modern culture. It's lacks talent, is cheap, short-sighted, lacks integrity, and lacks courage. All the books, art, film and television turn to sex, violence and shock because that is all modern culture allows us to take part in. Show me a popular modern writer, artist, actor, producer and I will tell you which of the three they exploit, sex, violence or shock. The freedom or license for individuals to partake in sex, violence and shock is all we have now because everything else in banned by political correctness, including religion. It really is all garbage and at least partly explains why populism has been rejecting the establishment across the Western world.

When will modern culture improve? Probably not until ethnopluralism is established in the lands, with people living in their own territories where the natural affirmation of a people and ethnic culture, which exists within basic human nature, can inspire great culture again. Pluralism is actually a conservative principle, it reflects the natural separation of powers, states and cultures. Unity is not meant to be universal, international, or global, it was evolved for local unity. Even agriculture shows the danger of a large mono-culture, it leads to the end of the gene pool, and the end of ongoing evolution.

So who benefits most from our garbage modern culture? Answer that accurately and maybe we can begin our recovery.

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