Thursday, June 16, 2016

If we can survive the short term, the long term looks good

What will it take to initiate a real renaissance of America and the West?  Life itself seeks to rise above the existentialism and depression of our present culture. The nihilism of postmodernism needs to disappear. Can Washington decentralize itself and become a focal point for establishing ethnopluralism in the regions and states? We need a Praxiteles and Ictinus of evolutionary realism in the states more than we need them in the capital city. Where can our people and our leaders go to study decentralizing ethnopluralism?

First of all the science of sociobiology and its studies on real human nature is the base of ethnopluralism. Following that the French New Right has written about ethnopluralism, and the late Wilmot Robertson, a social outcast, wrote a book called “The Ethnostate.” And of course if real history is studied we can see how unnatural centralized empires always fall back into natural regions and states, the latest being the Soviet Union. That's about it, other than the general ideas in the U.S. Constitution regarding the separation of powers and states, which could accommodate ethnopluralism if we wanted it to.

Life itself really does seek to rise above the nihilism and depression of our present time, whether the human brain understands it or not. So if we can survive the short term, the long term looks good.

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