Thursday, June 30, 2016

Correcting tragic flaws which have been destroying the West almost from the beginning

I like Russell Kirk (and his view of Burke), I like the paleoconservatives, I like Chronicles and the American Conservative journals, I respect Pat Buchanan, for awhile I thought the Traditionalist School, led by Rene Guenon and Julius Evola (and perhaps Aleksandr Dugin in our time), might rekindle the West because it found a way to include lost paganism, or at least pagan symbols of the West, into our fading established religions. But I could not overlook the fact that the neopagan revival retained the same tragic flaws of non-materialism and abstract spiritualism which have been bringing the West down---in spite if those valiant attempts to revive the West (think of what Thomas Aquinas did).

I also thought for a time that the racial nationalists were interesting, especially since the latest research in sociobiology has affirmed that group-selection is and has been the primary unit of selection and is deeply, genetically, within basic human nature, and this can actually affirm ethnocentrism. But then when the racialists go on to demand imperial supremacy for only one people and spend much time crudely attacking other ethnic groups, I concluded that this kind of imperial supremacism would not work in a crowded world which routinely gangs up on any race that declares that they want to wipe out every other race. I think a broad ethnopluralism with well protected borders between ethnic cultures is the political way to deal with the real world and with real human nature, and variety such as this is good for ongoing evolution.

The West can be revived not by rejecting religion or Christianity but with a deep transformation of the Christian and pagan spiritual and non-material definitions of God, by seeing that real Godhood is reached through material and supermaterial evolution. Even the philosophers (I think of Heidegger) could offer only non-material and abstract definitions of Being or God.

We need to affirm real human nature and not see it as the product of original sin. It is only through materialism and material evolution that we can reach real Godhood. Present materialism and the weak philosophy of modern liberalism are directionless and hedonistic---although they were probably brought about by the refusal of human nature to religiously hate its own biological drives---but they have no sacred goal or sacred religion.

Philosophical naturalism, sociobiology, and finally the theological materialism I write about here can help revive and awaken the West, and help correct the tragic flaws of the lifeless abstractions and spiritualism which has been destroying the West almost from the beginning. We can retain the old abstract, spiritual, inward God in the old Inward Path of our religions (that is real conservatism), but the old symbolism needs to be transformed in the Outward Path of material evolution to real Godhood. The old dreamed of synthesis between religion, philosophy, science, art and politics is certainly possible.

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