Monday, June 27, 2016

No matter what happens next, we have to say Bravo to the populists!

The Big Media wants us to feel alone, defeated, overwhelmed as we find themselves objecting to Gay Pride celebrations across the nation, or Black Lives Matter blaming the police for black crime, or the Vice President demanding that Europe welcome all immigrants, and so on, and so on. I consider myself completely aware of the obscene bias of the Big Media but I also feel as alone, defeated, and overwhelmed as everyone else. That feeling is designed to make us feel like it's not even worth trying to do something about the depravity.

We turn to sports to get away from it all, but even here Big Sports like basketball and American football have been changed from sports played by gentleman to sports dominated by giant barbaric black men who are worshiped by the Big Media. So we make trips to the refrigerator for the false solace of beer, and we order chicken wings, which only makes us unhappier and fatter.

We fantasize about seeing the power of the Big Media crushed, but if the corrupt Clinton's again manage to get in the White House we will again feel the same hopelessness. But doesn't it feel different this time?! It seems as if at last we have become so fed up with the depravity that a real populist movement has risen in both America and Europe.

It's not a perfect movement, Donald Trump is far from perfect, Marine Le Pen and Nigel Farage are not perfect, but populism has arrived in spite of the complete dominance of the Big Media. No matter what happens next, we have to say Bravo to the populists!

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