Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The anti-hero Hillary, the flawed hero Trump, and the real forces of change

Hillary Clinton and her husband have been anti-heroes since the 1960's, lacking all the traditional heroic qualities, seeing “courage” as merely daring to be the enemy of traditional culture. Americans who were educated in our corrupted colleges and universities have adsorbed that anti-heroism and therefore they reject the flawed traditional heroism of Donald Trump. It would seem that what we needed was a populist who was also an intellectual, but Pat Buchanan was closer to that and he too was destroyed by the Big Media and the academic world.

Populists who still affirm Trump have not been totally corrupted by the anti-heroism constantly preached in the Big Media and the academic world, many have escaped being miss-educated in our colleges, but will they be enough to bring the flawed heroism of Trump to the presidency? It seems unlikely, although so-called miracles can happen.

Here is a better bet: as our open borders allows huge numbers of legal and illegal immigrants---which Hillary mainly approves of---and as traditionalists are not having children at replacement levels, slower moving demographics, along with real human nature---the real forces of change---will eventually separate our squabbling and distinctively different people into the regions and states of ethnopluralism. Given real human nature that is the grim but real hope.

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