Friday, June 10, 2016

How Realism Can Be Optimistic

Deeper realism can be optimistic with the qualification that deeper realism is based largely in the biological origin of social behavior. With that understood we can see how we move up the mountain of reality in a winding up and down pattern, while steadily evolving upward. The shorter up and down patterns represent radicalism, and the steady upward direction represents realistic conservatism, while also representing the vagaries of natural selection.

As we watch the political class and the big media destroy Donald Trump, as they destroyed Pat Buchanan for telling the truth, more or less, about real ethnocentric human nature, we know that if the truth is buried it becomes like a volcano which later explodes in the hands of the Mao's and Hitler's who never last more than a generation or two.

Deeper realists know that the world is full of distinctly different people and ethnic cultures competing with one another often to the point of hard warfare, and that steady movement up the mountain of reality must eventually affirm ethnopluralism, with each group living in its own region or state, protected by federalism. That offers the most realistic chance we have for long-term harmony and even peace.

Deeper realists of both high and low culture who base their deeper realism on the biological origin of social behavior, and now feel undervalued and marginalized, know that history shows those who avoid realism today will not be remembered in 100 years.

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