Sunday, June 26, 2016

Yes, the suicide of the West can be stopped

Conservatives say that the suicide of the West is the result of having rejected all-encompassing Christianity and not successfully replacing it with modern liberalism, which is a secular form of Christianity lacking the deep satisfactions that comes from deeper religion, and therefore the only way to stop the suicide of the West is to go back to Christianity.

Religion in general and Christianity in particular have been dying in the West since the medieval revival of ancient Greek classicism and later the rise of science. It has been a slower death mainly due to brilliant philosophical defenders of religion, like Saint Thomas Aquinas, and less brilliant but very effective fundamentalist revivals of religion and Christianity.

The slow death of the West has speeded up following World War Two and the rise of cultural Marxism, which was designed mainly to destroy Western religious morals and values, with great success as we now see in the willing suicide of the West, which has been unwilling to defend its borders from huge numbers of hostile migrants, or from nationally destructive globalism.

So the fatal question is: can the suicide of the West be stopped? I do not think that a restoration of traditional Christianity or an increase in the scientific worldview can stop the suicide of the West. I believe a comprehensive worldview, philosophy, and religion can be affirmed which does not reject religion or reject Christianity, and does not reject science, but synthesizes and transforms them.

Many elements of classically philosophy, traditional religion and modern science are synthesized in Theological Materialism. The material world is not rejected or begrudgingly accepted as in traditional religion and philosophy (Plato made a God of non-material ideas), and religion is not scientifically rejected. The old God or absolute reason of religion and philosophy was first inwardly seen or experienced symbolically---after much ascetic discipline blocking the material. But in theological materialism the material world is seen as the only means to evolve to real supermaterial Godhood.

The suicide of the West can be stopped by stopping the suicide of materialism and seeing the material world as the sacred means to evolve to supermaterial Godhood. The old God is retained but transformed in the Involutionary and Evolutionary Twofold Path. And science, politics and culture are directly involved with religion in helping to find ways to guide evolution toward Godhood.

Yes, the suicide of the West can be stopped.

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