Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The reality behind the deepest optimism

Looking at the complete mess of Western culture endlessly projected by the corrupt Big Media it is easy to lose hope, I do. But I try to keep in mind that there exists the deepest kind of optimism based in the deepest elements of life.

Plato and Aristotle can be combined, as religion and science can be combined, based on seeing and defining the living objects and the life we see before us. This sounds simple, too simple to some, but it has nevertheless been the basis for complex arguments and disagreements in religion and philosophy from at least the time of Plato to Heidegger, and beyond.

Basic life while living arrives at different agendas with different biases which endlessly conflict. And what little has passed for optimism has come from the same old one-sided, non-existent, dualities between matter and spirit, as seen in the brilliant intellectual contortions of Aquinas and Nietzsche, on opposite sides.

Real optimism need not worship by way of condemning one side or the other. Real biological life, including human life, seeks to live and thrive and evolve whether human minds agree or not. Life wins best when we affirm life, but life wins even when we do not. This is the reality behind the deepest optimism seen in theological materialism.

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