Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Are we all fools?

Populist's foolishly reject the aristocrats, the intellectual's reject the non-intellectuals. The business owner's foolishly care only about making money, and working men demand equal pay no matter what the cost. Fascist's demand one race supreme over all others, while Marxist's foolishly demand no distinctions between ethnic groups. Traditional or paleoconservatives seem like wise old men (no matter what their age) when they point out that it is best to affirm what has worked over time and human history---but like old men, they are not listened to and considered fools.

Neoconservative's with typical chutzpah openly speak of “controlled destruction” and that makes them dangerous fools, while neoliberal's, like the Clinton's, are leftover fools from the 1960's who do not seem to realize the destruction they cause. Religious people who put their faith entirely in a non-material world are merely foolish, unless they become neoconservatives, as a sizable number of evangelicals have done, and then they become dangerous fools.

Deep-conservatives who affirm a realistic sociobiological definition of human nature point out that human beings remain primarily kin and group or ethnic-centered, and therefore they politically call for ethnopluralism as the only realistic way to bring whatever harmony is possible between people. That is, regions and states set aside for distinctly different ethnic cultures, protected by a general federalism. But deep-conservatives, all three of them, are widely considered fools or dangerous fools by---you guessed it---other fools and dangerous fools.

But the fact is human life has been through worse times than these, and so there is hope.

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