Monday, February 29, 2016

What if Trump had answered the Klan question this way?

“Ladies and gentleman, America and the West have become unmoored by universalism. The only universalism I agree with is the univeralism of real human nature, which rejects universalism.

The Klan rose in the south as a blow-back reaction to the universalism being imposed on it from the North. Human nature is universally kin-centered and even ethnic-centered, and group-selection remains the primary unit of successful selection, over individual selection.

It is not the preference for group-selection that is wrong with the racialists and the Klan, it is their claims of imperialism, expansionism and superiority that are wrong with the racialists and the Klan.
I support the constitutional principle of the separation of powers and states, defended by federalism. I do not support the invasion of all regions and all peoples by a universalism which goes against the reality of human nature".....

Would that answer have helped Trump? The nation has been buried in false universalism for too long to be changed by Donald Trump, who will now probably be destroyed as Pat Buchanan was before him.

So, it looks like realism in politics will not prevail, and civil disturbances and even civil war will continue, which ironically may one day lead to the regional separations of ethnopluralism.

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