Thursday, February 25, 2016

Freedom and determinism in theological materialism: what is “willed” by nature?

In theological materialism the God of traditional religions, the Great Spirit or Giver of Life in Shamanistic religions, is not non-material but is material or supermaterial, and is contained within life itself, essentially defining life as the activating material/supermaterial Spirit-Will-to-Godhood. This sacred activation within life, which is material, works within the strictures of nature and natural selection. This definition allows for the long overdo consilience of science, religion and the humanities.

Science and often philosophy, and even the esoteric religions, typically measure the world and call that the world. But what is “willed” by nature? Regarding human nature many in the modern humanities say that virtually nothing is willed in nature and so we are “free.” The truth is more like the opposite and we have far less freedom than we think we do.

God or Godhood can be retained but it is a Godhood reached through material or supermaterial evolution, which was only symbolically understood or experienced in the Inward Path of traditional religions as being non-material and entirely spiritual. “Heaven” or Godhood still exists but is reached in the Outward Path at the zenith of material evolution.

We have freedom within that determinism. That is what is willed by nature. That is what essentially defines "life." We can be heroically free within this determinism and our growing knowledge can allow us to help life along in its sacred determined activation to evolve toward Godhood within the balance of nature.

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