Friday, February 05, 2016

I still find it hard to believe that homosexuality has become a popular trend

Homosexuality has become a new fashion, especially among young people, and it's no surprise that the nefarious Big Media is largely responsible for the trend.

Serious science has found that group-selection is the primary unit of successful human survival and reproduction. Individualistic, hedonistic, homosexuality increases the falling birth rate in the West, weakens the heterosexual-oriented strength of the military, and damages the natural family foundation of society---among much other damage. And since studies have found (Sexual Abuse: A Major Cause Of Homosexuality?) that homosexuality is perpetuated mainly by those who have themselves been sexually abused as young people, homosexuality increases the chain of its perpetuation in society.

As to the so-called art created by homosexuals, which is supposedly their strong point, most of it is garbage compared to the history of art, and it is usually strongly anti-social.

Studies claiming that homosexuality is mainly biologically based have not been replicated, so the new trend of “coming out” is largely Media developed. And it doesn't help that the academic world supports homosexuality, based largely on postmodernism, which bogusly finds that there is no determined  human nature to conform to or harmonize with.

So once again it is the Big Media, or their controllers, who are most damaging to the West. It is the Media which is keeping homosexuality from going back in the closet, where it will naturally return to---if the West is to survive.

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