Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Decline may be inevitable, but so is rising

Derick Turner wrote, “De-emphasis of ethnicity may be a corollary of a country's development.” (Chronicles, Nov. 2015) But non-whites are the only ones now emphasizing ethnicity. Astoundingly it has been made illegal (in Europe), or politically incorrect (in the U.S.A.) for whites to emphasize their own ethnicity. While whites are tearing down their own ethnic culture, non-whites are building up their ethnicity, and doing it within white cultures, helped along by the nefarious Big Media, Big Business, and the academic world.

Have you heard or seen the new Broadway smash rap hit “Hamilton,” which was featured in last night's Grammy Awards? The Blacks are claiming that Alexander Hamilton was Black and they are loudly doing so in their vulgar nursery-rhyme rap style. Ask them and they will tell you that rap culture is superior. And they are backed up by PhD's in our elite universities who claim that Shakespeare and T.S. Eliot are merely “dead white males.” This is still unreal to me!

Here is our dilemma: it is not only magnanimous but practical to find a way to include the various ethnic cultures in the crowded political configurations of today, one-race dominance will be taken down by other ethnic cultures who are not included, no-matter how strong one group thinks it is. So ethnopluralism becomes the magnanimous and practical option.

A separation of powers and states will be needed to accommodate ethnostates---distinct regions and states for distinct ethnic cultures, protected by federalism. In the U.S. this could even be accomplished legally. But it is already illegal to emphasize white culture in Europe, and very much politically incorrect to mention it in the U.S., so... can we remember “courage”? We may decline first, but group-selection dwells deeply within real human nature, and within every ethnic group. Life always rises, one way or another.

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