Friday, February 12, 2016


I still work at maintaining a healthy diet, like my father before me, my favorite breakfast in the past was coffee and Swedish pastries. But here is what I have learned about diet:

Unhealthy high-glycemic carbohydrate foods are addictive, they include candy, sugary cereals, crackers, cookies, cakes, flours (yes pasta), jams, preserves, bread products, refined potato products, and sugary drinks.

Most high-glycemic carbohydrates are actually poison to our health, immediately causing inflammation and other health damage---doctors should be telling this to their patients.

Why would we feed poison to ourselves or addict ourselves? Bakeries and candy stores, and large sections of supermarkets, are actually like backstreet drug paraphernalia head shops, accept that they are on main street.

Have healthy low-glycemic vegetables and fruits, eat nuts, seeds, and perhaps a little bio-yogurt. Eat only meat, fish, poultry, etc., and essentially nothing else. No grains or dairy...Why would we feed poison to ourselves or addict ourselves?
For the science behind these claims read Loren Cordain.

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