Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Beautiful Supermateriality in Defining Godhood

In thinking of the term “aesthetic intuition” regarding other intellectual forms of knowledge, perhaps beauty is on top, but on top in the material or supermaterial sense, not in a non-material apotheosis of ideas or symbols, as is done in most religions and philosophies.

The qualities of a materially evolved Godhood are seen as the zenith of the beauty, truth and goodness, and beauty is not seen as an unworldly nonmaterial God manifesting less important material qualities in the world. Instinctive physical desire can be made sublime this way, but not non-materially sublime---the outward path of material evolution leads toward supermaterial Godhood.

Ideas and definitions made sublime are not the highest beauty, they are secondary to real living beautiful objects. In this sense Godhood is the zenith of material beauty, truth and goodness. The “temptation” of beauty is not the material or physical, as the ascetics say it is, the temptation is to define only ideas and non-material forms as the zenith of all things, or as God.

I can praise ancient Greek pagan art as having portrayed Godhood in this material way. Have they been yet surpassed? It is mistaken ideas or forms that lead to the grotesque images in esoteric religion of a monstrous androgynous God. We can instinctively and intuitively follow or select beauty in our own male and female ways as we evolve upward to new beautiful species on the evolutionary path to Godhood.

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