Saturday, February 06, 2016

How to Prevent the Fall of America and the West

If we admit that the U.S. is now or soon will be a black, brown and beige nation does that mean it is all over for Euro-American whites? Human nature being what it is, kin-centered and ethnocentric, with group-selection as the main unit of selection, it is all over, if we continue to be led by the cultural Marxism of political correctness, and by the neoconservatives, who are both controlled in Washington by the Wall Street lobby, the fossil fuel lobby, and the Israeli and Saudi lobbyists.

These are the people who have ruined America and the West. If nothing is done and the cultural Marxists take over, their solution is to continue to build big-government socialist fascism, the kind that lasted only a short time in Soviet Russia. But it needs to be understood that they are doing what comes natural in promoting their own groups! This being the situation, the only realistic way to save America is to allow group-selection, but for us all!

The constitutional separation of powers and states in America needs to be applied to regions and states set aside for distinct ethnic cultures, protected by federalism. It's called ethnopluralism. This is the best way to legally save America and the West---it is as simple or difficult as that. Other solutions are short term. Even the paleoconservatives, the best conservatives, offer as a solution, the social media, or not reading the New York Times, or supporting the police, or Donald Trump. That is good, but not nearly enough.

The last hope, even if we are destroyed, is that empires always fall and time and again natural ethnostates rise out of the ashes. But we don't have to be utterly destroyed before we rise, if ethnopluralism can be developed before we fall.

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