Saturday, February 27, 2016

Don't study “political science” until you first study sociobiology

“Those liberalism wishes to destroy , it first drives mad.” (Chilton Williamson Jr.)

It seems to me that authentic thinkers, philosophers or not, have to live with and by their ideas, and feel their ideas personally. I see this in the best thinkers. I also think that the best thinker have real courage. Where does courage come from? From living life, facing obstacles, or even learning from not facing obstacles, with the best thinkers often facing fearful obstacles. It's probably true that Napoleon was defeated on the playing fields of Eton, not in the lecture halls, but great thinkers may be developed this way too, as the old Greeks knew.

And genius does turn up in unexpected places. Being taught in the academic world certainly does not guarantee courage, authenticity or originality. For example, don't study “political science” until you first study sociobiology---after that study history, philosophy, and so on. The evolutionary sciences should be taught front and center in the Humanities. Why isn't sociobiology featured in the humanities? You know the answer, sociobiology is not politically correct in that nefarious culturally Marxist sense which is taught in all our colleges and universities.

Read E. O. Wilson's book "The Social Conquest Of Earth," he is as accessible as Marx, and much wiser. After studying sociobiology you can approach thinkers like Nietzsche and Heidegger with the healthiest kind of skepticism. I also presumptuously say that you should read my series of short and clear paragraphs on theological materialism, unsanctioned by anyone. Then go forth in the world and multiply the best.

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