Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Does courage trump intelligence in finding the truth?

Intellectuals are full of wordplay and idea-play which typically avoids the truth, I think largely due to a lack of courage. Watching the political phenomenon of Donald Trump has gotten me thinking about courage. Trump could bring another form of crony capitalism to the White House, and billionaires may have less to lose in standing up to political correctness, but courage is involved in Trump's behavior. The intellectuals are calling him a “bully” which plays into the current syrupy trend of demasculating men and boys.

I believe one of the things long necessary is for our intellectual class to have the courage to acknowledge the biological origin of social behavior. Political science and general Western culture need to acknowledge that individual selection is secondary to group-selection, and nationalism trumps globalism in basic human nature. Having the courage to admit sociobiology into the humanities, rather than weaseling out of it, naturally leads, if we are just, to the principle of the separation of powers and states, protected by federalism, where even ethnocentrism is acknowledged as a fundamental part of real human nature. Propagandizing against this with cultural Marxism has made a mess of the West.

Courage may have more to do with finding the truth than intelligence. Subverting the truth requires more cleverness than courage---contrary to popular thought even comedians use jokes to subvert the truth. The intellectual class in the West has lacked the courage to acknowledge when they are wrong about cultural Marxism. When you make the wrong diagnosis you come up with the wrong solutions, no matter how clever you are.

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