Monday, February 22, 2016

We only sit back, stuff our faces, and guiltily giggle

I checked out the latest Judd Apatow Netflix series, “Love,” and I see that Apatow is continuing the old Hollywood tradition of turning innocent blond shiksa's into sluts (Gillian Jacobs.) “Slob comedies” are too mild a term for what Apatow and his tribe have been doing to healthy values and morals for years now, which has increased to where the “F" word, simulated sex, and general mental and physical degradation are common in the movies and on television, and on every other modern device.

Healthy people would feel a protective chivalry toward these unfortunate actresses under the perverse dominance of Hollywood. But the West has been corrupted by pornography and hedonism and so we only sit back, stuff our faces, and guiltily giggle. No wonder Islam wants nothing to do with the West...It looks like old Bob Dylan's hard rain is gonna fall after all, but probably not in the hippie way he preferred.

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